The Qualifications Services Division collaborates with other divisions but leads the SQA work towards enhancing the relevance of PSET and access to PSET opportunities.


The Qualifications Services Divisions conducts the following services:

  1. Development of National Competency Standards
  2. Foreign Qualifications Recognition Services
  3. International Recognition of Samoa Qualifications
  4. Careers Advisory Services

i. Development of National Competency Standards

The Authority coordinates and facilitates the development of National Competency Standards by collaborating with stakeholder groups in establishing these Standards in sectors of national development priority identified in the Strategy for the Development of Samoa.

The Authority in this function conducts itself in the following manner;

  • Coordinate establishment of Sector Advisory Groups (SAGs)
  • Coordinate data gathering processes to inform development of National Competency Standards
  • Coordinate and assist with development of National Competency Standards
  • Assist SAGs to establish industry standards and training requirements in identified priority areas
  • Publish and disseminate Guidelines for Development of National Competency Standards
  • Coordinate the periodic review of Guidelines
  • Monitor and evaluate initial implementation of National Qualifications to inform review of Guidelines and process for development
  • SQA collaborates with stakeholder groups to establish National Competency Standards in sectors of national development priority, as identified in the Strategy for Development of Samoa

National Competency Standards are the set descriptions of skills and knowledge required for effective performance in the workplace. NCS are approved by the relevant industry before being applied within programmes of education and training that prepare individuals for work in a specific industry or sector.

SQA collaborated with government ministries, industry stakeholders, ngo’s to develop and endorse NCS in the following areas

Seven Occupational Trades Others
Traditional Knowledge and Skills Generic Skills
Motor/Automotive mechanic Traditional Knowledge and Skills
Fitting and Machining Agriculture


SQA provides a qualifications recognition service for people with overseas qualifications wishing to live, work or study in Samoa. This service is conducted by;

  • Liaising with stakeholders, employers, students and individuals regarding recognition of international qualifications
  • Establishing appropriate levels/comparability of international qualifications on the SQF

Upon receiving an application, SQA conducts assessment of foreign qualifications to determine:

  • Whether the qualification is authentic
  • Whether the qualification met the required standard in the country of award
  • The comparable Samoa Qualification Framework level of the foreign qualification

The Guidelines for Recognition of Foreign Qualifications provide more information on this service and process.


SQA conducts liaison with government agencies and other institutions to achieve international recognition of Samoa qualifications. Important to this service is the need to:

  1. Address international requests for information about Samoan qualifications
  2. Liaise with Samoan PSET providers on matters relating to international recognition of Samoan qualifications

The Strategy for International Recognition of Samoa Qualifications outlines how SQA hopes to achieve international recognition for qualifications obtained in Samoa.


One of the mandated functions of the SQA (SQA Act 2010) is to: promote links and learning pathways between the school sector and the Post-School Education and Training (PSET) Sector, and offer career advisory services..

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