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The establishment of a national body for coordinating Post School Education and Training (PSET) in Samoa was identified in the Education Policies and Strategies (Education Policies 1995-2005; and Education Strategies 1995-2005). The need for a coordinated PSET approach for Samoa was reinforced in a 2003 review by the International Labour Organisation and the United Nations Development Programme. As a result, SQA was legally established under the SQA Act 2006 to provide policy advice, coordinate and quality assure the PSET sub-sector in Samoa. The work of the SQA is continuing under the SQA Act 2010 which strengthened the regulatory functions of the SQA for PSET. Over the years, SQA has built its network and work scope as listed below:

  • Programme Accreditation;
  • Recognition of Non Formal Learning activities;
  • Workplace Assessment process;
  • National External Moderation process;
  • Quality Audit;
  • Qualifications Registration;
  • Samoa Qualifications Framework;
  • Provider Registration;
  • Programme Development process;
  • Record of Achievement;
  • Recognition of Current Competencies;
  • Careers Advisory Services;
  • Registration and Licensing of TVET Lecturers & Trainers;
  • Coordination of the PSET Support Fund; and
  • Research, Policy and Planning development.


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Relevant, Accessible, Quality and Sustainable Post School Education and Training in Samoa


To Coordinate, Regulate and Quality Assure Post School Education and Training through Sustainable Partnership with all stakeholders


The prosperity of our nation depends to a great extent on the ability to put to productive use the skills and abilities of every Samoan. It is envisaged that Samoa Qualifications must be quality assured to be nationally and internationally recognised.

The Samoa Qualifications Authority (SQA) is the principal organisation mandated under its Act 2010 to provide policy advice, regulate, quality assure and coordinate Post School Education and Training in Samoa. The SQA has been established to coordinate and provide the strategic direction for PSET to optimize the value of education and training for all learners.

As the Chief Executive Officer, I am pleased to present the SQA’s new website designed to provide information on its mandated functions and post school education and training providers for information of learners, educators, researchers, policy makers and the general public.

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Samoa Qualifications Authority