NameLocationStatusType of Provider (International/Local)Programmes (Degree/ Sub-Degree)Contact PersonTelephone Number(s)Email Addresses
1.       Apia Harvest Centre Bible CollegeTogafu’afu’a - UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderFaafetai Fata , Lottie Fata, Shorley Mariner, Faamatuainu Amosa Pouoa (Senior Pastors & Associate Pastors) 7617910 or 25235/7206603[email protected] or [email protected]
2.       Australia Pacific Training CoalitionVaivase - UpoluRegisteredInternational ProviderSub-Degree ProviderMrs Cheri Robinson Moors26844 (work)
(26-Feb-10) (Country Manager- APTC)
3.       Congregational Christian Church of Samoa School of Fine Arts and MuseumLeulumoega-fou – Upolu(registered 17-Sep-08 & deregistered 26-Apr-12) Local ProviderSub-Degree ProviderRosita Lafi-Esera24414/ 7645199 /
(Director of CCCS)[email protected]
(27-Mar-14)Pelenato Liufau (Principal LFSFA)7273525[email protected]
Malo Tualogo Papalii
(Deputy Director- CCCS Schools)24412 ext. 38/7239336
[email protected]
4.       Congregational Christian Church of Samoa Vocational SchoolSalelologa – SavaiiRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree Provider Rosita Lafi-Esera (Director of CCCS)24414/7645199
(25-Jan-18)Namulauulu Tavita Leaumoana (Principal)
51937/7290243 [email protected]
5.       Don Bosco Technical CentreAlafua – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderMane Sua24637[email protected]
(17-Oct-08)(Principal)[email protected]
6.       Don Bosco College and Vocational Technical CentreSalelologa, SavaiiRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderFr. Tevita Nukuluve Lefai (Principal)51186, 7725056 7288223[email protected]
(26-Feb-15)PO Box- 7125
7.       Early Childhood Education Teachers Training InstituteSogi – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderMrs. Anastasia Magele (Principal)30544/ 8430544[email protected]
8.       Harvest Theological CollegeLotopa – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderDegree ProviderRev. Alapati Avealalo+685 7295185
(17-Sept-08)(Principal) +685 7743122
9.       Hospitality and Community Health Institute of Training SamoaMatautu – TaiRegistered Local ProviderSub-Degree ProviderMr. Darryl Scott (Director)7755174[email protected]
(26-Jun-14)[email protected]
10.    Ierusalema Fou Theological InstituteTafua - RegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderPastor Su’a Sinapati Tofilau (Principal)8451248/7595180 & 7278226[email protected]
11.    June Ryan School of Music[1]Saleufi – UpoluNot operational this year 2016Local ProviderSub-Degree ProviderSu’a June Ryan (Principal) 25627, 7525627 or 7770094[email protected]
12.    Le Iunivesite o le Amosa SavavauVaitele-fou - UpoluLocal ProviderLe Tagaloa Pita7593936 (M)
31614 (H)
13.    Malua Bible SchoolMalua – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderRev. Alesana Eteuati42303 (office) [email protected]
(27-June-13)(Vice Principal/Dean of Academic Studies)42346 (Home)[email protected]
7614175 (Mobile)
14.    Malua Theological CollegeMalua-UpoluListed with SQA on 25 th November 2015. Local ProviderDegree ProviderRev. Ma’afala Lima 42303 (office)/ 42558 (Home)[email protected]
(Principal)42346 (Home)
RegisteredRev. Alesana EteuatiFacsimile #- +68542301
(28-Sept-16)Vice Principal & Academic Dean[email protected]
15.    Martin Hautus Institute of Learning – SamoaMalololelei - UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderMrs Maretta Solomon7260423[email protected]
(29-Oct-13)(Administrator/Director)7289848[email protected]
16.    Methodist Technical & Creative Centre – Laumua o Punaoa Faleula – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderRev. Amosa Tapua’ī (Director)22815 or 25626 (after hours) 7522815
(29-Jul-10) 24937/ 7639630
Rev. Uale Misifosa (Principal)[email protected]
17.    Moamoa Theological CollegeMoamoa – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderDegree ProviderFather James Skelton 21079[email protected]
(30-Jun-17)(Rector & Principal)
18.    National University of SamoaToomatagi – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderDegree ProviderTea Tepora Wright21248 ext. 104 / 20072 ext. 104, 411, 418[email protected]
(30-Aug-12)(NUS Director Academic Quality Unit)Facsimile- +685 25489[email protected]
19.    Oceania University of Medicine SamoaMoto’otua – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderDegree ProviderToleafoa Dr. Viali Lameko 30036[email protected]
(29-Jul-10)Vice ChancellorFax 30035Website:
30-Apr-14 (Application for Renewal of Registration declined due to merger with NUS as one Formal Provider)
Listed again with SQA in May 2015.
20.    Pacific International Unitech[2]Saleufi – UpoluNot operational this year 2016Local ProviderSub-Degree ProviderJune Ryan (CEO) 25627, 23447 or 7770094[email protected]
21.    Pacific Paramedic Training CentreWellington Hospital CampusListed with SQA in December 2016Local Provider Sub-Degree Provider Philip Wakem (CEO)6443896294[email protected]
22.    Pesega TVET Institute Vaitele Street, ApiaListed with SQA in April 2017Local ProviderSub-Degree ProviderTuasivi Elisara (Vice Principal)+685 7564175[email protected]
23.    Piula Theological CollegeLufilufi – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderDegree ProviderRev. Dr. Mosese Mailo (Principal)40195 ext. 11 or 40056 (Home)[email protected]
(09-Apr-15) Website-
40196 (Fax)
24.    Rhema Bible Training Centre South PacificTaufusi – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderOfelia Iopu (Director of Admissions & Operations)23842[email protected]
(24-Sept-09 )Website-
25.    Samoa Shipping Maritime AcademyVaitele – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderLeiataua Capt. Samuel D. Phineas (ACEO Operations)20935/20936 or 7577674 (mobile)[email protected]
26.    Small Business Enterprise CentreTaufusi – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderFata Chris Aluni22770[email protected]
(02-Sept-13)(Training Manager)
27.    South Pacific Nazarene Theological CollegeUluloloa – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderSharon Mona22292/7204868[email protected]
(25-Aug-11) (Faculty Member) 22292 (facsimile)
28.    Tesese Institute Lalovaea – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderMrs. Emoni Togamau Tesese (Managing Director) 21840/7280043[email protected]
29.    Uesiliana Vocational CentreSatupaitea – SavaiiRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderRev. Amosa Tapua’ī 22815 (work) or 25626 (home)
(07-Apr-12)Director of Methodist Schools
Rev. Samuelu Faalafi
30.    University of the South Pacific – Alafua CampusAlafua – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderDegree ProviderDr. Sereana Kubuabola - Senior Quality Assurance Coordinator+679 323 2702 [email protected]
31.    Vailima Fou Theological CollegeVailima – Upolu(First registered – 17-Sep-08 & deregistered 29-Mar-12)Local ProviderSub-Degree ProviderRev. Dr Patolo Mageo (Principal) & 29234 or 23340 or 7682105[email protected]
Rev. Allen Wendt[email protected]
Registered(General Secretary)[email protected]
(29- May-14)[email protected]
32.    Worldwide Mission Training CentreMatafele – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderPastor Matamua A Pati (Overseer) 32675, 28907 and 7749123[email protected]
33.    Youth With A MissionFalelauniu – UpoluRegisteredLocal ProviderSub-Degree ProviderRev. Usufono Fepuleai (Director)28985 or 7529669[email protected]
(29-Oct-15)[email protected]
www.ywamsamoa. / [email protected]
[1] It is noted that JRSM is no longer a listed provider for Provider Registration and was not in operation for the past year 2015/16.
[2] It is noted that PIU is no longer a listed provider for Provider Registration and was not in operation for the past year 2015/16.