Qualifications Division

What we do

Development of Samoa Qualifications (SQs) and National Competency Standards (NCSs)

Qualifications Division Functions

Development of SQs and NCSs

The Qualifications Division spearheads the development of SQs and NCSs through collaborative works with relevant stakeholders.

Established Sectors

Tomai & Iloa Samoa
Tourism & Hospitality
Generic Skills
Climate Change

Foreign Qualifications Recognition Service

SQA is the only agency in Samoa authorized to conduct assessments to verify the authenticity and the quality assured status of a foreign qualification

Career Advisory Service

The provision of career guidance information to learners of Samoa to ensure a smooth transition from College to PSET level studies and towards successful employment in the future.

Recognition of Current Competency Standards (RCC)

The practice of formally assessing a person’s relevant and current skills and knowledge to determine if they meet the learning outcomes of qualifications and/or standards such as NCSs. It involves assessments of an individual’s formal, informal, and non-formal learning.

Record of Achievement (RoA)

An official record of outcomes that a learner has achieved in accredited and quality assured programmes in Samoa

Tupe Isara

ACEO Qualifications Division

Samoa Qualifications Authority